Corporate Video Production

We create content that resonates with your brand's audience

We See You

Audiences usually judge your brand on one single criteria: what they can see.


In today’s high powered media landscape, an essential part of maintaining respect and visibility is creating exceptional visual content that reflects the quality of your offering.


Fortunately, at Sligo Studios we have an intimate understanding of how to produce films that communicate quality with your audience. 


Sligo Studios is a corporate video powerhouse

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No matter your production needs, we believe in having a full understanding of your brand before the cameras roll. 


Working closely with your team, we develop a video strategy that aligns with the core tenets of your brand, and leverages your platform to create the perfect vessel for your message.

We have extensive experience working with clients of every size and variety, including businesses, municipalities, and artists all over the world. 


Our bread and butter is delivering a top notch product within your budget. When you reach out, we'll discuss what's possible, and how we can make every dollar count towards creating a truly effective film. 

With Hollywood just down the street, we're ready to pull out all the stops, creating a cinema-level production that leaves a lasting impression.