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Drone Racing League

DRL and Hauk Gamer Flight School

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This six episode miniseries was shot over the course of a month on-location Chicago, England, and Ohio. Each episode follows professional drone racers who teach video gaming influencers how to fly racing drones that reach speeds over 100mph. The thought was their hand-eye coordination skills would transfer to the emerging sport, but it turns out it’s tougher than it looks to fly at an elite level.


Episode 1


The series starts in England with DanTDM, an internationally acclaimed YouTube video game commentator whose channel reaches over 25 million subscribers. Dan meets up with racer XYFPV at his home studio to take flight for the first time.

Episode 2

Little Lizard and Tiny Turtle

Back in Chicago, twin YouTubers Little Lizard and Tiny Turtle travel to a DRL facility where the next big race course is being built. Pro racer Jet shows them the ropes on an outdoor course behind the facility. The brothers face off to see who can master the controls first.

Episode 3

KSI and A_Nub

As the top professional racers arrive in Ohio for the Level 4 race, internet sensation KSI gets a crash course from competitor A_Nub. The controls prove challenging for KSI, who can't seem to stay in the air for more than a few seconds. 

Episode 4

Ali-A and Lachlan

Good things come in pairs, and Ali-A and Lachlan prove to be a dynamic duo as they compete against each other with the close guidance of drone racer Tom. With just a few days until the big race the boys have their work cut out for them to catch up with the rest.

Episode 5

Simulator Challenge

All of YouTube's top gamers finally come together in Ohio to meet for the first time. After taking a tour of the facility and taking in the race track, the team settles in to compete in the brand new custom designed DRL flight simulator.

Episode 6

Race Finale

It's race time! After preparing with their respective coaches, the YouTubers are ready to face-off on the DRL Level 4 race course. Who will take home the top prize, and will their gaming skills translate as smoothly as they think they will?

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