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Paco Rabanne

Soccer Stories Branded Documentaries

When we were approached about making a series of short soccer documentaries for Paco Rabanne’s Invictus cologne line, we considered athletes who chose to define victory on their own terms. Men whose journey took a different path than expected, but who persevered to create their own destiny. The result was one of our favorite projects to date. Episodes aired on Soccer Stories, with additional promotional assets playing across multiple social platforms.

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Alex Mendoza

Freestyle Soccer lives at the intersection of sport and art, with each competitor’s creativity defining their success. Each meticulously crafted trick is an expression both physical and emotional, culminating in triumph. We profiled 3-time world freestyle champion Alex Mendoza to discover the source of his passion for the emerging sport.

Coach Cruz

From humble beginnings in Trinidad, Coach Cruz’s story of personal resilience speaks to the self-determined nature of a true champion. We were drawn to his ability to channel his most challenging moments into a positive coaching philosophy. Released on Father’s Day, the piece reflects on how those lessons learned on the field helped him embrace fatherhood with confidence.

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