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Ultimate Game Cave

This episode of “Gamology” features gaming influencer The Black Mastadonte detailing the specs on his perfect gaming room. We worked closely with his team to create a room that matched his vision for a futuristic but comfortable space.

Holiday Looks

Part of the popular series “Beauty Hacks” this episode follows beauty influencer Bobbie Riley as she gets ready for a night out at the annual holiday party. Of course, she is reminded she needs to get ready by the in-app reminders provided by Yahoo Mail.

Destress Your Mess

This back-to-school special for “ABC-DIY” breaks down innovative arts and crafts solutions to organize a messy dorm room. This piece featured a two-part set – the custom built dorm room and the top-down overhead craft set.


Destress Your Mess

Pre-roll and branded content campaign

As part the rollout of the all new Yahoo Mail app, we were approached by the branded content team at Jellysmack to create high end content for their campaign with Yahoo. The result was three distinct pieces, each crafted for different channels with distinct audiences. We maintained the established structure of the each channel’s videos, but elevated the production value to fit with the aesthetics of a world-class company like Yahoo.


Shooting and turning around this campaign on a tight timeline meant we needed to move quickly. After touring countless on-location options, we decided we needed the flexibility of a studio. Each set was built in-studio with adjoining walls in order to quickly move between the videos over a two day shoot.

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